How To Manage Safety Concerns of COVID-19 on Construction Sites

How To Manage Safety Concerns of COVID-19 on Construction Sites

Right now, the pandemic of COVID-19 is making waves across the world, and everyone is trying to figure out how to live and work safely in the wake of it. The construction industry has its challenges ahead in how we respond to preventing the viruses spread on worksites.

A digital safety platform provides some immediate benefits when it comes to reporting and minimizing human interaction between contractors on worksites. Safety officers can use it to report any cases of COVID-19, should they appear at the worksite, and send alerts to personnel.

Here are a few other tips to help manage the risk of COVID-19 on the worksite safely.

Wash hands, have hand sanitizer readily available.

A good practice to adopt right now is to be on top of your hygiene. Washing hands before coming on the site and keeping hand sanitizer close throughout the day.

Sanitizer and hand soap are very effective at killing the virus – so when you take off your gloves before lunch or to go to the bathroom, it is always advised to ensure your hands are clean and be mindful of what you are touching.

Wash work clothes frequently.

The virus can latch onto fabrics, and it is common for workers in the construction field to wear the same clothes to the job day in and out. It would be an excellent time to get in the practice of regularly washing your work clothes to ensure your coworkers and yourself do not become infected with the virus.

Focus on Tasks that Minimize Interaction Between Groups.

One thing that has been going around in the news a lot is the idea of social distancing. Take this concept and apply it to the worksite. It is a good idea to use this time to focus on tasks that can be done individually or in small teams that can maintain a healthy distance.

Using Safety Software to track COVID-19 related symptoms of contractors

The threat of the virus coming onto a worksite seems very real right now. Using safety software to report any possible cases of COVID-19 can help the companies on-site to take the necessary measures to prevent the additional spread of the virus.

Stay Home If You Are Sick

Whether you are battling a common cold or seasonal flu, there is no point in being a hero right now. Many younger people have much milder symptoms and can often be the carrier for the virus. Avoid any chance that you could be putting someone at risk that might have underlying health issues.

In Conclusion

Safety on the worksite usually brings specific visuals to mind – climbing a ladder with 3 points of contact, wearing safety glasses, hard hats, and steel toe boots. Beyond this, it’s crucial to be mindful of your health and how it impacts those around you.